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Liens - Arteractive | Les nouvelles technologies au service de l’événementiel et de la création numérique
Nous vous invitons à utiliser notre nouveau site à cette adresse: arteractive.com
Vous y trouverez nos dernières réalisations et les nouveaux services que nous proposons. A très vite
Les nouvelles technologies au service de l'événementiel et de la création numérique  
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Carte de visite - <qrcode|texte=MECARD:N:Auguste LY;TEL:+33623475753;URL:augustely.com;EMAIL:augustely@gmail.com;;>
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01 83 64 48 48
Go to "thoughts", interesting electronic projects
A premier electrical engineering community for hardware designers
Planefinder.net displays live virtual air traffic radar information from around the world. The map shows live plane and flight data broadcast straight from the aircraft to our receivers via ADS-B and includes flight number, flight path, flight departure and arrival airports, flight and plane statistics, aircraft photos and much more !
tons of free electronics projects, circuit diagrams, circuit schematics, diy and hobby projects.
Where form follows data http://www.infosthetics.com/
Digifest is Toronto’s international festival celebrating innovation and digital creativity.
iMAL (interactive Media Art Laboratory), is a non-profit association created in Brussels in 1999, with the objective to support artistic forms and creative practices using computer and network technologies as their medium. In 2007, iMAL opened its new venue : a Centre for Digital Cultures and Technology of about 600m2 for the meeting...
TC Games & More is your source for news & information on the latest in comics, action figures, statues, manga, movies and more. Checkout "technology" tag.
Blog de Rodolphe Champagne : Communication, Web, Réseaux Sociaux …
Spécialiste de l'image
The Brooklyn Space Program is a organization based in New York City dedicated to scientific experiments, engineering, design and education. Our interest is to inspire others and push the bounds of creativity and innovation. All proceeds go toward that end for research, supplies and further outreach.
matériO is an independent information centre on materials and innovative products. Created in 2001, matériO provides members with a large selection of specific, reproducible and obtainable materials, key elements in the creation process.
Stéphane Vial, philosophe, enseignant, chercheur et designer interactif.
Le réseau social de la culture scientifique et technique
Très bonne ressources en arts numériques
Le portail communautaire des passionnés de Robots
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